We participated in a friendly 3-on-3 tournament in Birmingham on the 2nd of October 2016. Our team was composed of a mixture of current club players and newcomers. We managed to come second after a narrow loss to Norwich in the final, which is an excellent result!

Oxford-Manchester 4-3 (Alberto, Dan, Matthias, Malte)

Oxford-Norwich 3-1 (Dan x2, Felix)

Raymond’s aura in goal prevented Norwich from scoring two open goals from half a metre away!

Oxford-Nottingham 7-2 (Dan x2, Felix x2, Malte, Zia, Dave)

Oxford-Warwick -> win (Dan)

Oxford-Manchester -> win (Manchester forfeited)

Oxford-Norwich 5-1 (Felix, OG, Alberto, Johan, Malte)

Oxford-Nottingham 6-0 (Malte, Dan x2, Felix x2, Dave)

Oxford-Warwick 0-5 (Malte and Dave playing for Warwick)


Oxford-Norwich 1-3 (Felix)

Representing Oxford: Johan, Richard, Zia, Kitty, Dave, Felix, Alberto, Matthias, Malte, Dan, Maxi, Raymond.

Special thanks to Malte, who played with us for the final time!