After a lengthy Christmas break we played our first league tournament at the end of January. This was the first time we played three games in one day (albeit 45 minutes each). Our results are described below.

Oxford – Warwick 4-1 (Zia, Dave, Johan, Alberto)

An early morning game that took us some time to get into. As the game went on we steadily improved and managed to get the win with some nice plays. The final goal was a great individual play from Alberto, who robbed the defence of the ball and found the back of the net very quickly.

Oxford – Scorpions 3-7 (Zia, Felix, Ian)

We struggled to keep up with the quick and skilful play of the Scorpions. Down 5-2 we dropped down to two lines and managed to grab a goal. After that we were unable to score again and subsequently conceded two goals.

Oxford – UCM 0-5

A good defensive effort against a very strong side. We kept them at 0-0 after one period but they managed to break through after that.

Well done to eveyone who played today, especially Justin who played in his first tournament!

Oxford (back row): Lucas Buzaglo, Andy Powell, Alberto Paganini, Maximilian Strobl, Johan Cassel, Milan Fowkes, Matthias Dilling, Justin Chris.

Front row: Ian Yang, David Morrey, Felix Westerén, Danny Gregory, Zia Saleh, Raimonds Rimarenko.