On Saturday 27 May, the annual Floorball Cuppers tournament took place at the Iffley Road Sports Centre. There were five participating teams, but only one of them could take the trophy home. There was a group stage followed by semi-finals and then the grand final.

Group stages

Queen’s 0 – 0 Wolfson

The first game of the group stages was between Queen’s and Wolfson. In a nail-biting game where both teams had ample chances to score, great defending and goalkeeping from both teams ended in a 0-0 draw.

Green Templeton 1-0 Christ Church

Green Templeton’s excellent offensive play earned them the victory in the second game of the group stages. Despite Christ Church’s best efforts, it was impossible for for them to come back.

Keble 2-0 Queen’s

The inexperienced Keble team was no match for a Queen’s team with several first-team players. Keble had a difficult time defending with no substitutes, while Queen’s took advantage of their full team of 7 to take the win. Valiant effort from Keble!

Wolfson 1-0 Green Templeton

A close game that was that was decided by an all-important goal from Wolfson.

Christ Church 0-0 Keble

After their initial defeats, both teams were looking for a victory to survive the group stages. In a hard-fought game, with excellent defensive play from Keble and constant offensive pressure from Christ Church, neither team managed to score.

Queen’s 1-0 Green Templeton

A great all-round game from Queen’s, managing to defeat a strong Green Templeton team.

Keble 0-0 Wolfson

Another excellent defensive performance from Keble. Wolfson’s offensive efforts were not enough to overcome the strong Keble defense.

Christ Church 1-0 Queen’s

Christ Church handed Queen’s their first defeat of the tournament after a very good performance from both the offensive and the defensive players from Christ Church.

Green Templeton 1-0 Keble

A tired Keble team could not come back from a skillful goal from Green Templeton. After this game, Keble was eliminated in the group stages.

Wolfson 1-1 Christ Church

The group stages concluded with a strong performance from both teams, who managed to score one goal each.

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Queen’s 1-1 Christ Church (0-1 in the shootout)

The first semifinal was between the first team and the fourth team in the group stages. A surprisingly good performance from the Christ Church team kept them alive,  and a heroic goal from Christ Church captain Felix Westerén in the shootout granted them their victory.

Wolfson 0-0 Green Templeton (2-1 in the shootout)

The second semifinal was extremely close, but the match finished goalless after an excellent defensive performance from both teams. The shootout was even more exciting; Green Templeton scored first, and Wolfson showed that they would not give up by scoring right after. A further Wolfson goal, which Green Templeton could not match, ended the shootout in a Wolfson victory.


Christ Church 1-1 Wolfson (1-0 in the shootout)

The Christ Church team had been improving throughout the tournament, with a poor start followed by better and better performances as the tournament progressed, culminating in an excellent performance against Wolfson. Christ Church took an early lead, only to be denied later on in the game by a Wolfson equaliser. In the shootout, neither team had managed to score until Christ Church hero Dan Zaitsev broke the streak. Wolfson could not match his goal, and Christ Church went on to become Floorball Cuppers champions!

The Christ Church team with the cuppers trophy