Hey guys! We played two league games in Haslemere today!

Oxford 3-3 Hammerhead Sharks

Wei Jin (Alberto)
Maxi (Matthias)
Ian (Matthias and Milan)

In the first two periods we had some trouble passing the ball up from our own zone, but otherwise we played quite well and were unlucky to go 3-0 down. Danny made an incredible penalty shot save to keep the game within reach.

In the third period we turned up the intensity by pressing more and playing tighter defense. That was when the comeback began. Wei Jin scored on the power play, and Maxi and Ian added a couple more unanswered goals to tie the game.

The last few minutes were tense. The Hammerheads applied lots of pressure and we started to fatigue. But Danny was dialed in, as he was all game, and he made some crucial saves at the end to earn us a glorious tie.

Oxford 1-7 UCM

Chris (unassisted)

While we fought hard for most of the game, we got into some penalty trouble and UCM was able to take advantage of our defensive mistakes.

We created a lot more offensive chances than the score line suggests and continued to play hard until the end.

Well done everyone!