Hey guys! We played in a university tournament in Bath today.

Oxford 3-1 Exeter
Zia (unassisted)
Chris (Lucas)
Ian (Zia)

We played well from the beginning with lots of shots and opportunities. Good game in general.

Oxford 1-2 Bath
Lucas (Alberto)

After a chaotic start, we started playing well as a team. They got lucky and scored a last second goal when the game was 1-1.

Oxford 0-1 UCL

It was not a good game. We were not shooting enough and then they scored after a very chaotic play.

Oxford 1-1 Imperial-LSE
Alberto (unassisted)

After going 1-0 down, we kept trying and eventually scored. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it 2-1.

Oxford 4-0 Exeter
Zia x2 (Gifford, unassisted)
Gifford (unassisted)
Ian (Zia)

A good game from the start. We played very well as a team, much better than the other games.

Oxford 0-1 Bath

A disappointing result. We played much better than them but they scored the only chance they had while we couldn’t score any of ours.

Oxford 2-0 UCL
Zia x2 (Chris, unassisted)

The first game we played properly. We played well and dominated the entire time.

Oxford 1-1 Imperial-LSE
Chris (Alberto)

We played quite well, it’s a shame we couldn’t win it but we got close.

Overall, it was quite disappointing. We were playing really bad in the beginning and then it got much better in the second half of the tournament. Had we played as well in the first half we probably would’ve gotten to the final at least. We ended in third place which is not too bad considering most teams had double the players we had.

Thanks for coming everyone!

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