Hey guys! We played our last leauge games of the season today, and we actually won!

Vipers 4-1 Oxford
Alberto (Johan)

We played pretty well. One or two of their goals were a bit unlucky for us but they were the better team.

Oxford 3-1 Hammerhead Sharks
Felix (Johan, Milan)
Johan (Si Hong)
Milan (Alberto)

We ended the season just as we started it, with a glorious victory! Great game from us, everyone played really well and we ended up getting a well-deserved win.

Thanks for coming everyone! This season was really fun, and it’s good to end it on a high note! I would like to give a special shoutout to Matthias, who did not get a single penalty today #nomorepenalties

Also, a big shoutout to Felix, who played his last league game for the club today. We will miss you Felix!