Hey everyone,

We played in a tournament in St. Ives near Cambridge today, and we played a total of five games.

Oxford 2-1 UCL

Si Hong x2 (Chris)

UCL were quite a strong side so it was a pretty tight game for us. Si Hong scored two very nice goals to win the game for us!

Oxford 7-0 York
Ian x3 (Johan x2, Lucas)
Chris x2 (Si Hong, Greg)
Jöhån (Lucas)
Si Hong (Greg)

We dominated this game as York were a less experienced side. Shoutout to Ian for the hat trick!

Oxford 4-0 Nottingham

Greg x2 (Chris, Danny)
Ian x2 (both unassisted)

Greg starred in this game with his first two goals for Oxford! Also Ian had some nice steals which turned into goals.

Oxford 2-0 Warwick

Lucas (Johan)

Warwick were quite well organized defensively and the game was quite tense but we managed to sneak a couple goals past them.

Oxford 3-1 Norwich

Si Hong (Danny)

This was our playoff game. Since we finished first in the university division, we played Norwich, the team who finished last in the elite division. Norwich was quite physical, but we played a very strong game and managed to beat them and stay undefeated!

Overall, it was a great tournament and everyone played well, especially Greg who played in his first matches for Oxford. Danny was also amazing the whole tournament and recorded three shutouts. Here is a photo of us with the trophy we received for winning the university division. We’re the best uni team in the UK!

Thanks for coming everyone!