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Recreational 3-on-3 Tournament, March 5th 2017

Today we played in a recreational 3 on 3 tournament with 10 minute games. Unfortunately our goalies couldn’t make it so we had to borrow them from other teams.

Oxford 4-0 Sparta
Felix x2 (Dan, unassisted)
Dan (unassisted)
Bennett (Mårten)

A good start to the day. We had a slow start and then scored some good goals.

Oxford 5-1 Warwick
Dan x3 (unassisted, Bennett, goalie)
Andreas (Dan)
Bennett (Mårten)

Warwick went 1-0 up after a defensive mistake but we came back quickly and won the game! Congratulations to Dan for scoring a hat trick!

Oxford 1-1 Bath 1
Lucas (unassisted)

Bath played a very physical game. Really close tough game.

Oxford 5-1 Bath 2
Dan (Felix)
Felix (Bennett)
Mårten (Felix)
Ian (Dan)
Bennett (Mårten)

We played well from the beginning and scored some good goals. Well-earned win.

Oxford 3-1 Sparta
Dan (Mårten)
Felix (unassisted)
Bennett (goalie)

They scored an early goal and we had some trouble scoring for a few minutes. Close game.

Oxford 5-2 Warwick
Ian x2 (Lucas, Bennett)
Dan (unassisted)
Felix (Mårten)
Andreas (Dan)

Warwick’s defense struggled to keep up with us in the beginning. We had a comfortable lead for most of the game.

Oxford 1-1 Bath 1
Ian (Felix)

Bath scored a lucky goal from their own half (that’s what we get when we don’t bring a goalie!). Overall a very close game.

Oxford 1-2 Bath 2
Bennett (Felix)

Last regular game. We had some good chances but we couldn’t score. Bath played well and also got a bit lucky.


Oxford 2-3 Bath 1
Mårten (unassisted)
Felix (Bennett)

A disappointing result. We had the game in our hands with a 2-1 lead but Bath came back and took the win.

Well done to everyone who played today, especially Andreas, who played for the club for the first time and scored his first goal! We were very close to winning the tournament!

Back row: Dominic Sutcliffe (goalkeeper from Bath), Mårten Waldmann, Jamie Clark (goalkeeper from Sparta), Lucas Buzaglo, Dan Zaitsev, Andreas Müsch, Bennett Sanderson

Front row: Ian Yang, Felix Westerén

UKFF Season 2016/17-Tournament 6 February 26th

Today we played our last tournament of the season in the Midlands league. We played four (yes , four!) games:

Cambridge 6 – 1 Oxford
Zia (penalty shot)

A very strange game. We started off with solid defending and good offensive presence, unfortunately not being able to score. But then, inexplicably, Felix got a match penalty (we still don’t know why) which made it very hard for us. On the upside, we did not concede in the following 5 minutes when we only had 4 players. Zia scored an amazing penalty shot, but Cambridge scored 3 more goals and we couldn’t come back.

Warwick 2 – 1 Oxford
Matthias (Johan)

A game that lasted only 20 minutes that we expected to win. After an early goal from Matthias, we felt rushed to win the game and made too many mistakes in defense, leading to Warwick’s 2 goals.

Nottingham 2 – 2 Oxford
Dan (unassisted)
Maxi (Felix)

After a period with no goals and good defending from both teams, Nottingham took advantage of 2 defensive mistakes to score. A goal from Dan right off the face off in the third period gave us some hope, especially after Maxi scored our second goal, but the game ended before we could score a third goal. We created lots of chances but couldn’t score enough.

Manchester 2 -2 Oxford
Dan (Johan)
Dave (unassisted)

Very close game where we created a lot of chances (a recurring theme), but Manchester’s goalie played very well. We were up 2-1 and then Manchester scored in the last 4 minutes.

Despite the disappointing results, the team played well. We had much better offense than in the last couple of tournaments but we got a bit unlucky and couldn’t actually score. It’s also worth noting that we were missing some key players (Milan, Alberto and Andy) due to some unfortunate circumstances.

Well done to Maxi and Matthias, who both scored their first goals this season! A special mention for Dan, who played on his birthday and scored 2 goals!

Back row:  Lucas Buzaglo, Dan Zaitsev, David Morrey, Johan Cassel, Richard Matoušek, Maxi Strobl, Matthias Dilling

Front row: Felix Westerén, Ian Yang, Raimonds Rimarenko, Zia Saleh

UKFF Season 2016/17-Tournament 5 February 12th

We played another three games in the Midlands League today. Our results are described below.

Oxford vs Wakefield 2-1 

A close, tight game. A powerplay for wakefield in the last two minutes led them to almost scoring a goal. They pulled the keeper in the last minute but we held out for the win.

Zia (unass)
Milan (Johan)

Oxford – Scorpions 1-1

Zia (Lucas)

A game that got progressively more and more aggresive resulted in a well-earned draw. We improved on our previous score against the Scorpions (we lost 7-3).

Oxford – Rhinos 0-2

Described as having a “mean defense”, we created a lot of opportunities but didn’t manage to score. Given that we lost 12-3 to the Rhinos last time it was a good result.

A good job overall against some difficult opponents.

Oxford (back row): Lucas Buzaglo, Johan Cassel, David Morrey, Milan Fowkes, Alberto Paganini, Matthias Dilling, Zia Saleh, Justin Chris.

Front row: Felix Westerén, Maximilian Strobl, Raimonds Rimarenko, Dan Zaitsev, Ian Yang.

UKFF Season 2016/17-Tournament 4 January 29th

After a lengthy Christmas break we played our first league tournament at the end of January. This was the first time we played three games in one day (albeit 45 minutes each). Our results are described below.

Oxford – Warwick 4-1 (Zia, Dave, Johan, Alberto)

An early morning game that took us some time to get into. As the game went on we steadily improved and managed to get the win with some nice plays. The final goal was a great individual play from Alberto, who robbed the defence of the ball and found the back of the net very quickly.

Oxford – Scorpions 3-7 (Zia, Felix, Ian)

We struggled to keep up with the quick and skilful play of the Scorpions. Down 5-2 we dropped down to two lines and managed to grab a goal. After that we were unable to score again and subsequently conceded two goals.

Oxford – UCM 0-5

A good defensive effort against a very strong side. We kept them at 0-0 after one period but they managed to break through after that.

Well done to eveyone who played today, especially Justin who played in his first tournament!

Oxford (back row): Lucas Buzaglo, Andy Powell, Alberto Paganini, Maximilian Strobl, Johan Cassel, Milan Fowkes, Matthias Dilling, Justin Chris.

Front row: Ian Yang, David Morrey, Felix Westerén, Danny Gregory, Zia Saleh, Raimonds Rimarenko.

UKFF Season 2016/17-Tournament 3 November 27th

We played two games as part of the UKFF Midlands League on Sunday.

Oxford – Norwich (Oxford Win)

An unfamiliar side for most of us led us to a surprisingly easy win with little effort involved. Norwich didn’t show up. A friendly against Wakefield helped warm us up for the second game.

Oxford – Cambridge 3-3 

After going down 2-0, the comeback started in the second period. A heroic defensive effort from the team and some great saves from Danny helped us hold the lead. Good work from everyone, especially as the game got gradually more physical towards the end.

Goals: Milan (unass.), Zia (Ian), Johan (Richard).

Congrats to everyone who played today. We lost 9-4 to Cambridge last year so it’s a great result!


Oxford (back row): Lucas Buzaglo, Maximilian Strobl, Johan Cassel, Raimonds Rimarenko, Zia Saleh, Milan Fowkes, Dan Zaitsev, Mårten Waldmann, Bennett Sanderson

Front row: Felix Westerén, David Morrey, Danny Gregory, Ian Yang, Richard Matoušek

UKFF Season 2016/17-Tournament 2 November 20th

We played two league games as part of the Midlands UKFF Division and our results were as follows:

Oxford – Rhinos 3-12

After drawing with the Rhinos 3-3 after one period, we struggled to keep up with their fast and accurate passing game. The end result was rather cruel.

Goals for Oxford: Milan (Maxi), Johan (unass.), Felix (unass.)

Oxford – Nottingham 7-3

A much better game overall. Nottingham brought 20 players (4 lines +!!) to really test our fitness levels. We were playing with 6 forwards and three defencemen. Thanks to our grilling fitness sessions led by Matthias Dilling and Felix Westerén we did not succumb and defended admirably. Props to Lucas Buzaglo for his good defensive play and Richard Matoušek on his first goal! Both were representing Oxford for the first time. Also worth mentioning Johan Cassel and his great defensive efforts that often left him limping off the rink…

Goals for Oxford:

Dan (unass.)
Richard (Ian)
Dan (Andy)
Johan (unass.)
Ian (Andy)
Milan (Richard)
Ian (Johan)

Well done to everyone who played today!


Oxford (back row): Lucas Buzaglo, Andy Powell, Felix Westerén, Milan Fowkes, Maximilian Strobl, Johan Cassel

Front row: Richard Matoušek, Dan Zaitsev, Raimonds Rimarenko and Ian Yang.

Recreational 3-on-3 Tournament, November 13th 2016

We participated in a recreational 3-on-3 tournament in Moreton-in-Marsh on November 13th 2016. Oxford Floorball won its first 3-on-3 tournament. To the best of our knowledge, this is also the first tournament we have ever won.

The final scores were as follows:

[table id=10 /]


Final table:

[table id=11 /]

8 wins 1 loss.

It’s worth mentioning that Leamington were effectively the United Cities team (last year’s beaten UKFF finalists) and Sparta were the Scorpions-a very highly skilled team.

Thanks to everyone who played today, the effort level in the final to win was phenomenal.

Fantastic work by Raimonds Rimarenko in goal, goalscoring from Lucas Buzaglo, Ian Yang and Zia Saleh and good defensive coverage and battle by Richard Matoušek and Mårten Waldmann


Oxford (Back row): Richard Matoušek, Mårten Waldmann, Zia Saleh, Milan Fowkes

Front row: Ian Yang, Raimonds Rimarenko and Lucas Buzaglo.

UKFF Season 2016/17-Tournament 1 October 16th

by Johan Cassel

Oxford Floorball started the season in division 1 of the Midlands in a fantastic fashion by winning the first two games of the year, improving throughout the tournament but realising the need for fitness sessions to be better prepared for next time.

Oxford Wakefield 3-2 (Ian, Felix, Ian)

A very tough (rough) first game where Wakefield showed a lot of fighting spirit. Ian scored the first goal of the season, assisted by Alberto. Felix scored the second goal assisted by Zia. Ian put in the winning goal, assisted by Johan. Raimond saved us many, many times.

Oxford – Manchester 3-1 (Johan, Felix, Alberto)

A very close and intense game against Manchester with both teams lacking energy towards the end of the game. Raimond continued to save us over and over again. Johan scored the first goal of the game, assisted by Dan, Felix increased the lead assisted by Johan. Manchester then scored once before Alberto decided to go on a solo run to score the final goal.


Oxford (Back row): Zia Saleh, Matthias Dilling, Johan Cassel, Dan Zaitsev, Alberto, David Morrey, Andy Powell

Front row: Maximilian Strobl, Ian Yang, Raimonds Rimarenko, Felix Westeren, Mårten Waldmann.

Friendly 3-on-3 Tournament Results

We participated in a friendly 3-on-3 tournament in Birmingham on the 2nd of October 2016. Our team was composed of a mixture of current club players and newcomers. We managed to come second after a narrow loss to Norwich in the final, which is an excellent result!

Oxford-Manchester 4-3 (Alberto, Dan, Matthias, Malte)

Oxford-Norwich 3-1 (Dan x2, Felix)

Raymond’s aura in goal prevented Norwich from scoring two open goals from half a metre away!

Oxford-Nottingham 7-2 (Dan x2, Felix x2, Malte, Zia, Dave)

Oxford-Warwick -> win (Dan)

Oxford-Manchester -> win (Manchester forfeited)

Oxford-Norwich 5-1 (Felix, OG, Alberto, Johan, Malte)

Oxford-Nottingham 6-0 (Malte, Dan x2, Felix x2, Dave)

Oxford-Warwick 0-5 (Malte and Dave playing for Warwick)


Oxford-Norwich 1-3 (Felix)

Representing Oxford: Johan, Richard, Zia, Kitty, Dave, Felix, Alberto, Matthias, Malte, Dan, Maxi, Raymond.

Special thanks to Malte, who played with us for the final time!

Floorball Cuppers 2016


Our annual Cuppers tournament was held at Iffley Road Sports Centre this year. The winners were Trinity College after going 0-1 down and turing the game around in the last minute of the final. Many thanks to all those involved in organising the event!

[table id=8 /]

[table id=9 /]

Winners 2016 (Trinity College): David Morrey, Kitty Boyes, Nayab Malik, Jana Lücken, Malte Lücken.

Winners 2016 (Trinity College): David Morrey, Kitty Boyes, Nayab Malik, Jana Lücken, Malte Lücken.

The Final

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


Thanks to Alex for the videos!

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