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Early Beginnings (2004-2008)

“…….the aim was to grow, but honestly we were all the time struggling to get a critical mass…..”


The University of Oxford Floorball Club ranks amongst the oldest university clubs in the UK. It was established in Michaelmas term 2004 by Toralph Ruge and several others working in the biomedical sciences division at the University of Oxford. Members were primarily research staff, as attracting university students proved to be difficult. As a consequence of this, the club had to charge £2.50 per person/session for hall hire to cover the cost of running trainings at Iffley Road. Karen research papers for sale Eveleigh and Chris Partridge were involved in running the club at this point in time.

In late 2004, Didier Ruedin arrived and became the first student president a year later. He set the club up by buying the equipment (sticks and goals) and entering the league (organized by GBFF at the time).  A couple of summer school outreach events in 2006 and 2007 laid a solid financial foundation which later proved critical for the future running of the club.

The club became an official university club during Easter 2006 and went on to play its first competitive game in October of the very same year (see picture below). Trainings primarily involved playing floorball, but obtaining good slots at Iffley and retaining a large enough member-base was frequently an issue. Without the help of university staff the club would likely not have survived.

First Competitive Game October 1st 2006

The team after their first competitive game (October 1st 2006)

From left to right: Will Hobby, Karen Eveleigh, Roísín McMahon, Fredrik Pettersson, Kari Lukka, Mark Coulson, Amy Seow, Ashish Kumar, Didier Ruedin, Daniel Bundala, Teemu Oittinen and Maciej Zakrzewski.

Season Results 2006-2007

Friendly Games

October 2006, Loughborough: Oxford – Bath 2 (5–1)
1 x 20 minutes. Oxford put Bath under pressure from the beginning, demonstrating its strength. Oxford showed some of the magic present in the team, such as when the goals kept coming despite playing short-handed. Our first competitive game was a success; and thanks to Bath for playing us at such short notice. Oxford: Dan; Will, Karen, Róisín, Fredrik, Kari, Mark, Amie, Ashish, Didier, Teemu, Maciek.

30 January 2006, Bracknell: TVT – Oxford (6–3)
3 x ~15 minutes. TVT took the lead with an early goal, but Oxford defended well. With 1–3 down, Teemu’s first airhook goal was too late, coming just after the whistle. Oxford increased pressure, and the attack improved. There were many chances, but it’s goals that count. Leaving holes in the defence did not help, and TVT exploited this. With a more consistent performance, TVT increased their lead to 6–2. Just as the game came to an end, Teemu scored the 3–6. Thanks to TVT for hosting us. Oxford: Michael; Stuart, Quan, Teemu (2), Didier, Will, Felix, Fredrik (1).

We shouldn’t mention a training game on 12 November 2006 where a delegation of 3 Oxonians, Louisa, and a new Cotswold player beat Cotswold’s first line 3–1 in an intensive game during training. However, it was a great game; so thanks for inviting us. Oxford: Fredrik (1), Kari (1), Didier (1).


1 October 2006, Loughborough: Oxford – Reading (3–1)
Eager to impress in their first tournament, Oxford played a consistent game. The goals didn’t seem to come, and until the 3–1 the game was relatively open. Reading’s strong defence proofed a challenge, but fortunately one we could overcome. Oxford: Dan; Will, Karen, Róisín, Fredrik, Kari, Mark, Amie, Ashish, Didier, Teemu, Maciek.

1 October 2006, Loughborough: Oxford – Hawks (15–1)
This was a one-sided game, where the Hawks were literally overrun by Oxford. They kept fighting and were rewarded with a goal. The result could have been even clearer, but Oxford reduced their pressure towards the end. Oxford: Dan; Will, Karen, Róisín, Fredrik, Kari, Mark, Amie, Ashish, Didier, Teemu, Maciek.

15 October 2006, London: Oxford – Reading (3–9)
With only one substitute Oxford were proud not to forfeit. Reading proved too strong in every way, and a good fight was simply not enough.

15 October 2006, London: Oxford – Bath 2 (3–10)
In many ways the game was more open than the previous one, but Bath managed to score 10 almost identical goals… Oxford tried to compensate with extra effort, but not much resulted.

15 October 2006, London: Oxford – Grantham (2–5)
Having learnt from the previous two games, Oxford played a much more compact game, with a strong defence. The game was still 2–2 half way through the second period, but then Grantham’s persistence started to pay off. Once Oxford was broken, the tiredness set in… Oxford were chasing a third goal when Grantham’s fifth sealed the game.

5 November 2006, Bath: Oxford – Hawks (11–7)
Despite key players missing Oxford played offensively and were rewarded with many goals. The Hawks were apparently not impressed, and exploited the holes in Oxford’s defence. Although Oxford’s victory was never in danger, the Hawk’s persistence lead to a fairly close result. Oxford: Dan; Kari, Felix, Max, Quan, Stuart, Róisín, Didier, Ashish.

5 November 2006, Bath: Oxford – Reading (2–6)
With a much more disciplined performance, Oxford managed to challenge Reading for a long time. However, Reading proved too strong, and defended their early lead successfully until the end. Oxford: Dan; Kari, Felix, Max, Quan, Stuart, Róisín, Didier, Ashish.

5 November 2006, Bath: Oxford – Campden (7–3)
With some magic sparkles, Oxford’s attack managed to forget the Reading game where no ball seemed to find its way into the net. It was an exciting game, but Oxford managed to keep the upper hand until the end. Oxford: Dan; Kari, Felix, Max, Quan, Stuart, Róisín, Didier, Ashish.


Team photo at tournament 3: Kari Lukka, Dan Bundala, Felix White, Max Loubser, Quan Zhang, Stuart Mozley, Roísín McMahon, Didier Ruedin, Ashish Kumar

14 January 2007, Bath: Oxford – Campden (4–8)
The game against Campden started well. Oxford were 3–1 up at the intermission. Afterwards, the tide started to turn, but the game remained open for a long time. It was really in the last few minutes that Campden sealed their victory, when for a moment all of Campden’s balls seemed to find their way into the net. A late fourth goal for Oxford didn’t change much: Oxford was the latest victim of Campden’s streak of success. Oxford: Dan; Róisín, Fredrik (2), Stuart; Felix, Didier (1); Karen, Ian (1), Quan, Will.

14 January 2007, Bath: Oxford – Grantham (3–6)
Like last time, Oxford managed to keep up with Grantham in the first half. It was 1–2 when the teams went into intermission. In a dynamic game, where both teams worked hard, Grantham finally managed to get away. Despite playing better than against Campden, Oxford lost the game 3–6. A result that looks clearer than the game. Oxford: Dan; Róisín, Fredrik (2), Stuart; Felix, Didier (1); Karen, Ian, Quan, Will. 

14 January 2007, Bath: Oxford – Hawks (5–0)
From a sporting point of view, the third game of the tournament was a sorry tale. Hawks decided that waiting 7 hours for their third game was too long (we do feel for them, too); and Oxford won the game 5–0 forfeit. Oxford: Ms For Feit (5).

11 February 2007, Loughborough: Oxford – Campden (6–8)
Campden took an early lead and continually extended this to a 2–6 at the intermission. Oxford were uninspiring, but this all changed in the second half. Oxford dominated the game until the end, chasing these elusive goals. Campden defended well, and saved their lead until the end. Oxford: Dan; Felix, Fredrik, Didier (2); Quan (1), Max (2), Will, Nic (1), Ian, Mark.

11 February 2007, Loughborough: Oxford – Bath (7–3)
In this game Oxford were fired up from the beginning, and took an early lead. The first half was one-sided, but Bath kept well given the pressure Oxford was putting them under. Nonetheless, the teams went into the intermission with Oxford leading 7–2. The second half saw Bath coming back into the game, and Oxford reducing the pressure. Towards the end Oxford tried to up the performance a bit, but nothing resulted. The game ended 7–3. Oxford: Dan; Felix, Fredrik (3), Didier; Quan, Max (2), Will, Nic (2), Ian, Mark.

Against Bath 27th January in Gloucester

In action vs Bath: Jussi Koski-Lammi (left) Didier Ruedin (centre) and Michael Müller (right)

25 February 2007, London: Oxford – Grantham (1–7)
In this intensive game, Grantham won through consistency. Oxford kept up the pressure, but the goals only seemed to fall on one side. Grantham sealed their division win with a deserved victory. Oxford: Dan; Felix, Fredrik, Shyam, Didier; Mark S., Mark C., Yi Hua, Ian (1), Amie, Stuart, Nic, Quan, Ashish.

25 February 2007, London: Oxford – Bath (2–1)
Another intensive game, with Oxford nervously clinging to their narrow lead. Dan’s saves helped to keep Oxford ahead, an important contribution since after the 2–1 Oxford in vain chased a third goal. 
The final whistle was a great relief… Oxford: Dan; Felix, Fredrik (1), Stuart, Didier; Mark S., Mark C., Yi Hua, Ian, Amie, Shyam, Nic, Quan, Ashish (1).

Oxford finish 4th in the 2nd division.

Southern Cup

18 March 2007, Bath: Oxford – Bournemouth Bullets
1 x 15 minutes. First up were Bournemouth. A new side, they quickly took the game into their hands, and won through consistency. Oxford had a slow start to the tournament, and never seriously endangered Bournemouth’s win. Oxford: Michael; Stuart, Max, Dan, Mark, Will, Didier (1).

T1: DIdier, Felix

(Didier Ruedin, Michael Müller in goal against Bournemouth)

Tournament 1, Jussi

(Omry Apelblatt and Jussi Koski-Lammi in action against Bournemouth)

18 March 2007, Bath: Oxford – London Vikings 2 (5–0)
1 x 15 minutes. In the second game, we officially beat Vikings 2, a division 1 side. Officially, because we won forfeit due to their no showing. There was apparently a misunderstanding between Vikings and the GBFF, and Vikings never meant to enter the team they entered… Oxford: Ms For Feit (5).

18 March 2007, Bath: Oxford – Bath 2 (2–1)
1 x 15 minutes. In the third game, we met out friends from Bath 2. In a good game, Oxford managed to take the initiative, and were rewarded with deserved goals. The win was deserved, but in the last minute we were lucky, too, when the cross-bar saved us. Oxford: Michael; Stuart, Max, Dan, Mark, Will, Didier (2).

18 March 2007, Bath: Oxford – Cotswold Cobras (0–3)
1 x 15 minutes. In the final game of our day, we met the legendary Cobras who had a full three lines ready to thrash us. It didn’t turn out that way, though. Oxford held Cobras to 0–0 for over 10 minutes, and only lost 3–0. After Oxford were broken, there never was a real danger of the Cobras losing control of the game, but there were a few possible chances for Oxford, too. Oxford: Michael; Stuart, Max, Dan, Mark, Will, Didier.

Helen Gillies Memorial Open

We entered two teams for the Helen Gillies Memorial Open 2007. One team was more competitively oriented, whilst the other was out to gain experience. Despite losing all their games, the latter can consider the tournament a great success! Played on a small rink with three outfield players, we saw some great floorball! Oxford Hufflepuff: Dan; Fredrik, Didier; Max, Omry, Ed. Oxford Ravenclaw: Felix; Karen, Michael; Quan, Mark, Adam, Will.

3 June 2007, Bath: Oxford – Bath Blaze 1 (7–4)
2 x 10 minutes. After just one minute Bath were up 3–0 already. Oxford might often start slowly, but this was enough to wake the team up. Through concentrated and consistent work they managed to take the game in their hands and turn the game around. In the second half Oxford successfully stood their ground against Bath who tried hard to get back into the game. Oxford were happy to beat a strong division 1 team.

3 June 2007, Bath: Oxford – Cambridge (1–7)
2 x 10 minutes. After a few years not playing in the league, Cambridge entered a new team for the Helen Gillies Memorial Open in Bath. No-one really knew what to expect, but it didn’t take long to find out. Cambridge were quick to take advantage of a disorganized Oxford defence. Towards the end Oxford appeared broken, and Cambridge managed to extend their lead significantly. As they aren’t a university team, losing wasn’t as bad as it could have been…

3 June 2007, Bath: Oxford – Reading (8–9)
2 x 10 minutes. Reading are a team we played in the league, but noticably strengthened by a newcomer. Oxford managed to go ahead, but carelessly lost their slight advantage. Poorly marking Reading’s key player, one player was allowed to score all (!) their goals. There is of course no excuse for this, and Oxford neither upped their attack nor improved the defence in response. Despite better defending that in the previous game, Reading were allowed too much space. It’s always a bit frustrating to lose by just one goal, but then we have no-one else to blame than ourselves.

3 June 2007, Bath: Oxford – Cobras (3–3)
2 x 10 minutes. Playing the Cobras is always special, not least because they have been crowned national champions a month ago. Like everyone else Oxford were keen to give them a run for the money. A disciplined performance saw Oxford go ahead 3–1. Of course the Cobras will never stop at this, and they kept fighting. After the 3–2, the game turned more physical, and with just less than 10 seconds to go Cobras managed to equalize. Oxford were happy about such a strong performance against such a strong side.

3 June 2007, Bath: Oxford – Hawks (12–0)
2 x 10 minutes. As expected, in the last game of the day, Oxford took the game completely in their hand. In a one-sided game, a now tired Oxford dominated a no less tired Hawks. 


Team Photo at the Helen Gillies Memorial Open. Back: Adam Butler, Fredrik Pettersson, Didier Ruedin, Max Loubser, Omry Apelblat, Michael Mueller, Karen Eveleigh, Will Hobby. Front: Mark Coulson, Ed Glucksman, Dan Bundala, Felix White, Quan Zhang.

Friendly Games

20 August 2007, Oxford: Oxford – Campden Dragons (4–1)
3 x 20 minutes. After trying them in training a few times, this was the first time we could make proper use of our brand new competition style floorball goals. Campden Dragons agreed to brave the Oxford traffic to play a friendly here at Iffley Road. Special thanks also to the referees! Played over full three periods, Oxford took an early lead with two quick goals. In a mostly even game, both sides had their chances, but it was only towards the end that the goalkeepers were beaten again. Being two goals up helped Oxford to stay cool and defend their lead. There were many chances on both sides, but somehow neither team showed the determination to turn these into goals. The final score (4–1) possibly looks clearer than the game… it was probably the few moments of determination in Oxford’s attack that made the difference in a game characterized by solid defending on both sides. Oxford: Felix; Richard, Anna, Chris, Christian; Maciek (1), Andy, Stephen, Michael, Quan, Didier (3).

30 March 2008, Oxford: Oxford – Willersey Ladies (5–2)
2 x 15 minutes. As part of a youth tournament, Oxford played two friendly games. In the midst of the Easter break, Oxford fielded a small team. Oxford controlled the game most of the time, trying nice combinations. Four of the goals came out of a good passing game, where many more goals were a possibility. The defence was neglected, and Oxford punished with unnecessary goals against. Thanks Hawks for letting us borrow the keeper! Oxford: Jussi, Mark, Jason, Adam, Quan, Michael, Rafal, Didier.

30 March 2008, Oxford: Oxford – Hawks (5–7)
2 x 15 minutes. 
The second game started in a similar fashion, although Oxford were a bit less organized. After the intermission unnecessary mistakes on Oxford’s side were punished with three quick goals for the Hawks. After this equalizer, Oxford looked less motivated and often disorganized. Nonetheless, some good passing game followed. The defence was neglected once again, and Hawks took the opportunity to seal the game. Thanks Willersey for letting us borrow the keeper! Oxford: Stephen, Jussi, Mark, Jason, Adam, Quan, Michael, Rafal, Didier.

Season Results (South West League 2007-2008)

2 March 2008, Gloucester: Oxford – Warwick (2–4)
3 x 20 minutes: Some last minute injuries meant that once again Oxford were present with a reduced squad. In a game where Oxford matched Warwick to a large degree, eventually Warwick proved more efficient in scoring goals from their chances. Both team had many chances, and the game remained tight until the very end.
Oxford: Felix; Didier (1); Rafal (1), Stephen, Michael, Max, Mark.

2 March 2008, Gloucester: Oxford – Bath (5–5)
3 x 20 minutes: It was long before the score was opened in this game. To a large extent the game was even, with Oxford often maintaining good control over the game. However, like in the first game of the day, the many chances needed to be turned into goals, something that didn’t seem to want to happen. Oxford were up 3–2 for a long time, but Bath managed to equalize. Suddenly, with the game nearly over Bath managed to score twice, and with 40 seconds to go, Oxford were two goals down. Never say die! Two quick goals saved the day for Oxford, and in the last moments of the game a third goal didn’t look entirely impossible, with Bath under heavy pressure. The last 20 seconds didn’t last long enough for a miracle, though…
Oxford: Felix; Didier (2); Rafal, Stephen (1), Michael, Max (2), Mark.

Tournament 1, Gloucester: Quan, Stephen, Ed, Didier, Jussi, Michael, Felix, Omry, Adam

Tournament 1, Gloucester: Quan Zhang, Stephen Tan, Ed Glucksman, Didier Ruedin, Jussi Koski-Lammi, Michael Breitenstein, Omry Apelblat, Mark Coulson, and Felix White (goaltender)

17 February 2008, Gloucester: Oxford – Dragons (8–7)
3 x 20 minutes: Despite a number of injured players, a reduced Oxford squad played well and managed to put Dragons under pressure from the beginning. Controlling the centre was successful, and after two periods the game was sealed. The final result looks much tighter than Oxford’s win.
Oxford: Michael (1 assist); Stephen, Didier (2); Jussi (3), Fabian, Rafal (2), Karen, Quan (1).

17 February, 2008, Gloucester: Oxford – Bournemouth (5–10)
3 x 20 minutes: A motivated Oxford team took on Bournemouth. Most of the game was even, although some minutes lacking concentration at the end of the first and beginning of the second period ultimately cost Oxford the game. Bournemouth were able to increase the lead from 2–1 to 7–1 in a short period of time. After two periods the score was 8–2, exactly the same as last time Oxford played Bournemouth. A quick goal for Bournemouth at the beginning of the final period seemed to seal the game, but suddenly Oxford came back into the game. It wasn’t quite enough to repeat the feat of the last encounter.
Oxford: Michael; Stephen, Didier (2); Jussi (1), Fabian (1), Rafal (1), Karen, Quan.

27 January 2008, Gloucester: Oxford – Bath (4–8)
3 x 20 minutes: Perhaps not the strongest side we have ever presented, it was definitely a numerical improvement on the last tournament. Oxford started well, quickly going one goal up. The tide quickly turned as Bath took control against an at times chaotic Oxford side. After the first period Bath were up 5–2. Oxford tried hard to come back into the game, but the goals fell pretty evenly.
Oxford: Felix; Andreas, Michael, Didier (2); Max (1), Graham, Quan (1), Sanjay; Karen, Mark.

Didier Ruedin and Quan Zhang in action against Bath.

Didier Ruedin and Quan Zhang in action against Bath.

27 January 2008, Gloucester: Oxford – Warwick (3–4)

3 x 20 minutes: Having learnt a few things in the first game of the day, Oxford played much better. The game remained open after the first period, with Warwick leading by just 1 goal. Thanks to a few combinations, Warwick managed to increase the lead to 4–1, in a game that was still pretty even. It was then that Oxford really started to fight back. In the end, the equalizer just did not seem to want to fall, and Warwick got their revenge in another tight game.
Oxford: Felix; Andreas, Michael, Didier (3); Max, Graham, Quan, Sanjay; Karen, Mark.

Michael Müller against Warwick

Michael Mueller in action against Warwick

2 December 2007, Gloucester: Oxford – Campden Dragons (5–14)
3 x 20 minutes. After an eventful start to get us to Gloucester at all—with last minute injuries, and a driver over-sleeping to the point that we had to leave players in Oxford, on top of it being out of our term—we were proud to be there at all. With only 6 players, we now probably hold a new record for the smallest team. The game started surprisingly well for Oxford, with two early goals. The Dragons were unimpressed, and by the end of the first period it was 2–2. Oxford didn’t fall back too much, but by the end of the second period Dragons were four goals up. It was in the last period that the clear result was sealed, with Dragons netting 6 against just 1 for Oxford.
Oxford: Michael; Fredrik (2), Didier (2); Max (1), Karen, Mark.

2 December 2007, Gloucester: Oxford – Bournemouth Bullets (9–9)
3 x 20 minutes. Yes, we were tired from the first game, but Bournemouth also had a tiring game against Bath earlier the day. The first period ended 2–0 to Bournemouth, but Oxford didn’t quite give in to the pressure. In the middle period, Bournemouth seemed to pull away, and it was 8–2 when we broke for the intermission. With two quick goals form free-hits, Oxford regained a bit of their confidence, and suddenly were fighting to turn around the game. In an amazing comeback, Oxford managed to equalize to 8–8 with little more than 3 minutes to go. Bournemouth quickly added a ninth goal, but with just 40 seconds to go Oxford completed their feat.
Oxford: Michael; Fredrik (5), Didier (1); Max (2), Mark, Karen (1).

18 November 2007, Gloucester: Oxford – Warwick University (9–8)
3 x 20 minutes. Warwick took an early lead in this tight game. Oxford managed to turn this round in the second period, but gave away their lead with the end of the game closing in. The final result reflects the nature of the game, and we were happy with our first win this season. This was a good game on both sides, and good fun to play.
Oxford: Michael; Róisín, Fredrik (3), Mark, Stephen; Max (3), Didier (2); Sarah, Brian, Quan, Nic (1), Ville.

18 November 2007, Gloucester: Oxford – Bath Blaze II (7–9)
3 x 20 minutes. With confidence gained from the game against Warwick, Oxford started well. Although playing better than in the first game, Oxford never managed to really pull away from Bath who kept the game tight. It was three quick goals for Bath at the beginning of the last period that turned the game, and in retrospective decided it. Oxford responded with increased pressure, but Bath defended their lead successfully. Towards the end Oxford desperately increased the pressure even more, but only one goal was scored. The final whistle must have been a great relieve for Bath, who with a strong performance undoubtedly deserved their narrow win.
Oxford: Michael; Róisín, Fredrik (3), Mark, Stephen; Max (1), Didier (2); Sarah, Brian, Quan, Nic (1), Ville.

28 October 2007, Gloucester: Oxford – Campden Dragons (4–10)
3 x 20 minutes. The opening game for the South West League did not quite go according to plan. Oxford were poorly organized, and Dragons were allowed counter-attacks time and time again. Possession of the ball alone was obviously not enough. Dragons defended well, and slowly but surely extended their lead. Oxford: Felix; Michael (2), Stephen, Didier (1); Mark, Quan, Omry, Ed (1), Jussi.

28 October 2007, Gloucester: Oxford – Bournemouth Bullets (5–8)
3 x 20 minutes. It might have taken Oxford some time to get organized, but the second game of the day was approached in a much more disciplined manner. Oxford’s defending started more careful, and the attack seemed more fluid. Bournemouth were putting pressure from the start, but for a long time the game remained even. Towards the end it was Bournemouth keeping the cooler heads, and managed to pull away with only few minutes to go. Despite having lost the game, we enjoyed this one very much! Oxford: Felix; Michael (2), Stephen, Didier; Mark, Quan, Omry (1), Ed (1), Jussi (1).

Oxford finish 5th in the 2nd division.


Team Photo: Back: Michael Müller, Didier Ruedin, Max Loubser, Karen Eveleigh, Jussi Koski-Lammi; Front: Mark Coulson, Quan Zhang, Felix White, Sanjay Nanwani, Andreas

Return to League, UniCup and Nationals (2012-2016)

“…..when I arrived it was about 3-5 people at trainings passing a ball around. We then entered the UniCup and then further organized BUFL tourneys…”


2012 BUFL UniFest Table

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2012 BUFL UniFest Results

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2012 BUFL UniFest Player Stats (Oxford)

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