Cambridge Tournament – May 13 2018

Hey everyone,

We played in a tournament in St. Ives near Cambridge today, and we played a total of five games.

Oxford 2-1 UCL

Si Hong x2 (Chris)

UCL were quite a strong side so it was a pretty tight game for us. Si Hong scored two very nice goals to win the game for us!

Oxford 7-0 York
Ian x3 (Johan x2, Lucas)
Chris x2 (Si Hong, Greg)
Jöhån (Lucas)
Si Hong (Greg)

We dominated this game as York were a less experienced side. Shoutout to Ian for the hat trick!

Oxford 4-0 Nottingham

Greg x2 (Chris, Danny)
Ian x2 (both unassisted)

Greg starred in this game with his first two goals for Oxford! Also Ian had some nice steals which turned into goals.

Oxford 2-0 Warwick

Lucas (Johan)

Warwick were quite well organized defensively and the game was quite tense but we managed to sneak a couple goals past them.

Oxford 3-1 Norwich

Si Hong (Danny)

This was our playoff game. Since we finished first in the university division, we played Norwich, the team who finished last in the elite division. Norwich was quite physical, but we played a very strong game and managed to beat them and stay undefeated!

Overall, it was a great tournament and everyone played well, especially Greg who played in his first matches for Oxford. Danny was also amazing the whole tournament and recorded three shutouts. Here is a photo of us with the trophy we received for winning the university division. We’re the best uni team in the UK!

Thanks for coming everyone!

Newbold friendly – May 6th 2018

Hey guys! We played a friendly against Newbold today.

Oxford 7-4 Newbold
Ian x3 (Marcus x2, Gifford)
Mårten (Gifford)
Marcus x3 (Gifford, Lucas, unassisted)

We were the better team for the whole match, even with only one substitute and Si Hong in goal. It was a really fun match although we ended up very tired.

Thanks for coming everyone! Newbold is the second best team in the second division and we managed to beat them with a very short squad. Soon we will decide whether or not we will move division, after consulting the whole team.

South League tournament – April 22nd 2018

Hey guys! We played our last leauge games of the season today, and we actually won!

Vipers 4-1 Oxford
Alberto (Johan)

We played pretty well. One or two of their goals were a bit unlucky for us but they were the better team.

Oxford 3-1 Hammerhead Sharks
Felix (Johan, Milan)
Johan (Si Hong)
Milan (Alberto)

We ended the season just as we started it, with a glorious victory! Great game from us, everyone played really well and we ended up getting a well-deserved win.

Thanks for coming everyone! This season was really fun, and it’s good to end it on a high note! I would like to give a special shoutout to Matthias, who did not get a single penalty today #nomorepenalties

Also, a big shoutout to Felix, who played his last league game for the club today. We will miss you Felix! 

South League tournament – February 25th 2018

Hey guys! We played two league games in Haslemere today!

Oxford 3-3 Hammerhead Sharks

Wei Jin (Alberto)
Maxi (Matthias)
Ian (Matthias and Milan)

In the first two periods we had some trouble passing the ball up from our own zone, but otherwise we played quite well and were unlucky to go 3-0 down. Danny made an incredible penalty shot save to keep the game within reach.

In the third period we turned up the intensity by pressing more and playing tighter defense. That was when the comeback began. Wei Jin scored on the power play, and Maxi and Ian added a couple more unanswered goals to tie the game.

The last few minutes were tense. The Hammerheads applied lots of pressure and we started to fatigue. But Danny was dialed in, as he was all game, and he made some crucial saves at the end to earn us a glorious tie.

Oxford 1-7 UCM

Chris (unassisted)

While we fought hard for most of the game, we got into some penalty trouble and UCM was able to take advantage of our defensive mistakes.

We created a lot more offensive chances than the score line suggests and continued to play hard until the end.

Well done everyone!

South League tournament – February 11th 2018

Hey guys! We played two league games in Haslemere today.

Oxford 4-5 Vikings
Maxi (Johan)
Matthias (Milan)
Felix (Alberto)
Milan (Ian)

We started very well, going 1-0 up. We had a bad second period where they scored 4 of their goals and a really good third period, which ended with a power play in our favor which we unfortunately could not take advantage of. Even though we didn’t win (or at least equalize), it was a great game guys!

Oxford 0-4 Hastings

We played well but could not do much against them, since they played a really good game. We did make a few mistakes but overall it was good. We even scored a goal that the referees didn’t see.

We had a great tournament today! Well done everyone!

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University Tournament – February 4th 2018

Hey guys! We played in a university tournament in Bath today.

Oxford 3-1 Exeter
Zia (unassisted)
Chris (Lucas)
Ian (Zia)

We played well from the beginning with lots of shots and opportunities. Good game in general.

Oxford 1-2 Bath
Lucas (Alberto)

After a chaotic start, we started playing well as a team. They got lucky and scored a last second goal when the game was 1-1.

Oxford 0-1 UCL

It was not a good game. We were not shooting enough and then they scored after a very chaotic play.

Oxford 1-1 Imperial-LSE
Alberto (unassisted)

After going 1-0 down, we kept trying and eventually scored. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it 2-1.

Oxford 4-0 Exeter
Zia x2 (Gifford, unassisted)
Gifford (unassisted)
Ian (Zia)

A good game from the start. We played very well as a team, much better than the other games.

Oxford 0-1 Bath

A disappointing result. We played much better than them but they scored the only chance they had while we couldn’t score any of ours.

Oxford 2-0 UCL
Zia x2 (Chris, unassisted)

The first game we played properly. We played well and dominated the entire time.

Oxford 1-1 Imperial-LSE
Chris (Alberto)

We played quite well, it’s a shame we couldn’t win it but we got close.

Overall, it was quite disappointing. We were playing really bad in the beginning and then it got much better in the second half of the tournament. Had we played as well in the first half we probably would’ve gotten to the final at least. We ended in third place which is not too bad considering most teams had double the players we had.

Thanks for coming everyone!

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South League tournament – January 28th 2018

Hey guys! We played two league games in Haslemere today.

Great White Sharks 9-0 Oxford

We had a bad first period where the sharks scored most of their goals. They are the best team in the UK so our mistakes were punished heavily. We improved and by the end we were playing quite well.

Vipers 3-1 Oxford
Felix (unassisted)

They only managed to score after some bad defensive errors and a power play. We had some chances but could not score that much. This game definitely could’ve gone either way.

Thanks for coming everyone! Shout out to Chris, Wei Jin and Moritz, who played their first league games for the team.

South League tournament – January 14th 2018

Hey guys! We played two games in Haslemere today.

Hastings 10-1 Oxford
Felix (Raimonds)

We had a great start to the match, with an excellent first 10 minutes, where we went up 1-0. In the next periods, we couldn’t keep up with Hastings. Their movement made our defense too chaotic and we kept leaving people open. We definitely had the skill to beat them though, since we dominated the first ten minutes.

Vikings 10-1 Oxford
Zia (Matthias)

We played well for a while, but after they scored 3 goals we got a bit demotivated and started playing worse and lost focus.

It wasn’t a great day for us but at least we showed we are capable of playing good floorball. We just have to keep it up the whole game. Thanks for coming everyone!

South League tournament – December 2nd 2017

Hey guys! We played two league games in Haslemere today.

Vipers 9-2 Oxford
Zia (Marcus)
Marcus (Felix)

It took us until the third period to wake up, and by that time we were losing by a large margin already. It also didn’t help that we scored a goal that the referees didn’t see, so the official score ended up being 9-1. It really wasn’t our game.

UCM 4-2 Oxford
Ian (Lucas)
Felix (Zia)

We played a completely different game to the first. We took an early lead in the first period which ended with an equalizer from UCM. We took a 2-1 lead again later in the match after a period of really good play from us, but UCM tied up the game shortly after. Unfortunately, UCM ended up scoring 2 late goals in the last 3 minutes, but overall we played a really good game.

Although we played a poor game against the Vipers, our game against UCM was one of our best of the season. We got really close to drawing, but got a bit unlucky in the last 3 minutes of the game. Well played everyone!

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South League tournament – November 26th 2017

Hey guys, today we played two league games in Hastings.

Hastings 2-1 Oxford
Milan (Johan)

After an excellent first period in which we took an early lead, we made some defensive errors which led to Hastings scoring 2 consecutive goals. We played really well and it ended up being a really close game against the UK’s second best team!

London Hammerhead Sharks 4-1 Oxford
Johan (Lucas)

The Sharks took the lead early in the game. We gained some hope after scoring an equalizer but ultimately couldn’t come back after they scored 2 goals. A late own goal from us made the defeat even worse.

Thanks a lot for coming everyone! We played really well in the first game , and the second game was a bit unlucky. We also had bad luck with the referees, who weren’t calling many fouls. Overall, a positive day despite the losses.

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